The Finest Italian Yachts, Built in a Small Tuscan Town: A Tour of Viareggio’s Shipyards

The Finest Italian Yachts, Built in a Small Tuscan Town: A Tour of Viareggio’s Shipyards
Beaches of golden sand. Art-deco architecture surrounded by sun-dappled sea waters. There are plenty of reasons why tourists come to Viareggio, Italy as a vacation destination. But for yacht brokers like me, there’s a draw that goes beyond leisure: Viareggio is the birthplace of some of the finest Italian yachts on the market, with an impressive catalog of shipyards that make this port town a rich site for industry aspiration. Shipbuilding has always been central to Viareggio’s history. As the story goes, shipbuilders designed impressive wooden ships to transport the region’s marble across the globe. 

And though the leisure market has certainly taken over the town, the artistry that defined shipbuilding in the early days can still be seen at every turn. That’s what makes this town a must-stop for yacht brokers visiting Italy to attend the Cannes Yachting Festival or traveling the coastline to check in on the progress of clients’ newly-purchased vessels

A view of Viareggio, Italy (home to luxury yacht builders) with water and sky | STEVE DOYLE Yacht Broker

Take a tour of Viareggio, Italy through the eyes of an experienced yacht broker while discovering the many standout shipyards that call this coastal town home—then learn about some of the market-leading vessels being built out of the region that redefine comfort at sea. 

Benetti Yachts: Timeless Design Takes Center Stage 

Certain luxury superyacht design features stand the test of time. This is something that Benetti Yachts understands well, with a design focus that allows expansive windows to let in plenty of light and richly furnished interiors that make scenery a joy to view. 

Benetti Crystal models kept yacht owners in touch with the sky and waves through expansive sundecks (measuring upwards of 1185 square feet on 140’ models) and panoramic windows from some viewpoints. Whether you board a 2015 140’ Benetti Crystal model or opt for the comfort-padded floors and bright interiors of the 2019 140’ Benetti Crystal, you’ll enjoy the way modern features meet craftsmanship that has been perfected over generations. 

Exterior view of the 2015 Benetti Yachts 140' luxury yacht Crystal | STEVE DOYLE Yacht Broker

But if you’re looking for a little more speed, Benetti’s power-centered models like the 2017 125’ Fast pack Rolls Royce Azipod propulsion systems that lead to smooth maneuverability and more efficient cruises through the sea–while still delivering the stylish features that those in the yachting industry have come to expect. 

Sanlorenzo Yachts: Distinctive and Driven By Stories 

The luxury yachts that come out of the Sanlorenzo Yachts shipyard in Viareggio (and other company shipyards throughout Italy) cruise the waters of the world with a distinctive profile, one that speaks to high style. 

The 2022 Sanlorenzo 106’ SL 106A participates in new horizons of interior yacht design with an on-deck master that offers premium views with forward-facing windows and staterooms that let in plenty of light. 

View of Sanlorenzo Yachts' 106' SL106A QIII luxury superyacht from above | STEVE DOYLE Yacht Broker

Meanwhile, the 2022 Sanlorenzo 112ft SX 112 makes new vacation destinations in a luxury superyacht possible with a 6’ 2” draft that will help you move toward hidden anchorages and cruise through locales like the Bahamas with ease. 

What do these two superyacht models (and others by Sanlorenzo) have in common? They offer story-making ways to spend the days, ones that prioritize the yacht owner’s needs, wants, and adventurous dreams in equal strides. 

Mangusta Yachts: Aesthetic Design Meets Smooth Rides 

Italian yachts have long been celebrated for their aesthetics. However, some would say that Mangusta Yachts’ models are at the top of their class. That’s thanks to their unquestionable sleekness, which balances visual intrigue with performance to offer long-range and transoceanic capabilities. 

Mangusta specializes in displacement and fast-displacement luxury yachts, with models like the 2023 Mangusta 104’ and 2016 Mangusta 94’ Overmarine that offer a luxury yacht interior design that is as cozy as it is sporty. 

Maiora Yachts: Masters of Transformation 

Versatility reigns supreme in Maiora Yachts’ superyacht builds. New 2023 Maiora 100’ models celebrate the blend of exterior and interior with an optional climate-controlled sky lounge that quickly converts to an open space to wine, dine, and relax with ease.

Italian yacht builder Maiora Yachts' 2023 100 foot model from the back aerial view | STEVE DOYLE Yacht Broker

Technology comes to the vessel’s aid to offer a fully-private and tech-powdered observatory deck, with a defining sense of high heights and internal spaciousness that is sure to impress yacht owners and guests alike. 

AB Yachts: Speed and Power at the Forefront 

AB Yachts makes it clear that they want to lead the new speed frontier. For over a decade, this Italian yacht builder has been relying on aerospace dynamism to bring powerful propulsion and enviable speed to every trip out to sea. 

The sleek, cutting-edge design and composite hull of the 2008 AB 92’ model show how adrenaline and relaxation can exist in perfect harmony, with a shallow draft that puts you close to shorelines and diesel Caterpillar engines that make your cruise effortlessly forceful. 

Meanwhile, the 2012 AB 116’ model is light and strong at the same time. Despite her power, she sacrifices none of the comfort that yacht owners have come to expect from AB Yachts, with a four-stateroom layout, forward atrium, and tech-forward pilot house that make it a dream to lounge. 

Profile photo of AB Yachts model 2012 AB 11 foot luxury yacht in Italy | STEVE DOYLE Yacht Broker

Viareggio, Italy: A Hub of Italian Yacht Innovation

In the Italian Yacht hub of Viareggio, the artful elegance of Italy meets market-leading power. That’s what keeps yacht brokers like me flocking to the Tuscan town’s streets, always in pursuit of the next top models of Italian yachts to facilitate my clients’ every dream adventure. 

Ready for your own dream adventure?

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