There’s Never Been a Better Time to Buy Used Yachts for Sale. Here’s Why.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Buy Used Yachts for Sale. Here’s Why.
The most popular yacht models in the industry are sold out until next year (including owner-loved models from Princess, Azimut, and Sunseeker Yachts) and wait times for semi-custom projects are stretching into 2024 and beyond. But where there is lack there’s also opportunity. Which is why there has never been a better time to buy used yachts for saleAs yacht owners prepare for their new luxury yacht models to be delivered, they’re working with experienced yacht brokers to free up space on their docks by selling their top-of-the-line used yachts.

Which is how we’ve ended up seeing standout used yachts take center stage in the market. Ones like the 2015 Benetti 140 ft Crystal, which boasts 5 luxuriously-designed staterooms and a 1185 sq. ft sundeck with full bar and jacuzzi for full days of relaxation. 

The interior yacht design of the 2015 Benetti 140 ft Crystal | Steve Doyle Yacht Broker

Yacht design of the 2015 Benetti 140 ft sundeck | Steve Doyle Yacht Broker

And also time-loved yacht models like the 1969 Trumpy 63 ft Houseboat Angelus, which holds true to the roots of her hand-rubbed walnut interior yacht design while speaking to modernity with a recent $1 million engine, structural, and electrical overhaul. 

How Did We Get Here? How Current Events Bolstered the Used Yachts Market 

It’s no secret that the yachting industry rode a boom during the initial years of the pandemic. 

What is less talked about is the way that we’re still feeling the impact of those waves years down the line. 

Not only did 2021 deliver record-breaking sales numbers as boat sales surged 71% over the already-record breaking figures from 2020, but this surge was partly in thanks to an influx of first-time buyers discovering the unforgettable bliss that spending days out at sea provides. 

Now that these first-time buyers have had time to settle into their sea legs—and have had time to fine-tune their preferences—they’re seeking out new and semi-custom builds from some of the top shipyards. In turn, that’s helping deliver popular yacht models to the used yachts market. 

View from the water of the 2015 Benetti 140ft, one of many used yachts available | Steve Doyle Yacht Broker

Which isn’t just a win for them—but a win for any yacht owner looking to upgrade their vessel or take advantage of the unbeatable inventory that’s now becoming accessible. 

Whether You Want Small Yachts for Sale or Mega Yachts for Sale: Why Buying Used Is a Benefit 

No matter whether you have small yachts for sale or show-stopping mega yachts for sale in your sights, buying used gives you a wider selection to choose from (especially during times like these when inventory on new yachts is low) while letting you pick and choose the features that define your experience. 

Instead of going semi-custom by buying a yacht under construction, you can make the most of the interior yacht design excellence of luxury yacht models like the 2020 Guy Couach 121 ft. 3707, with high-grade engineering and a beautifully-spacious interior layout that can easily be adapted to your tastes. 

An exterior view of the 2020 Guy Couach 121 ft, one of many luxury used yachts for sale | Steve Doyle Yacht Broker

The luxury yacht design interior of the 2020 Guy Couach 121 ft | Steve Doyle Yacht Broker

When buying used luxury yachts for sale, all the bugs and kinks have also already been worked out in advance, meaning you can trust the seaworthiness of your vessel. (Especially if you buy with the help of a knowledgeable yacht broker who can check a preowned yacht top-to-bottom to ensure its quality and strength of build.)

And because sellers with new yachts already lined up for delivery are highly motivated to sell, you can navigate the search and purchase process while getting some previously-unattainable deals on preowned yachts. The kind of deals that will keep you enjoying plenty of wind and water-fueled days out on the waves for a long time coming. 

I Want a Good Deal on Used Yachts for Sale. What Should I Be Looking For? 

Market knowledgeability is the key to separating out market-stealing buys (that you get at the best price) from duds that you’ll regret getting delivered down the line. 

That’s why you need to work with an experienced yacht broker who has their pulse on the trends and for-sale market showstoppers listed throughout the US, Europe, and beyond. 

When starting to work with an experienced yacht broker, you’ll know you have a good partner on your side when they ask you these three pivotal questions, ones that will direct your search and help connect you to the vessel that will facilitate your next series of unforgettable adventures: 

  1. What kinds of adventures—and types of experiences—do you want to have in your new yacht? 
  2. Where do you want to cruise? 
  3. What is your budget?

With your answers to these questions as a guide, your yacht broker will leverage their pulse on the market and decades of industry experience to offer a list of available options that match your needs and wants. 

A list that will cater to the many vacation-making features you can’t live without while ensuring a high-quality find with all the engineering and technical specs you need to make all of your dream destinations a reality. So that you can get out on the water–in a used yacht that is perfectly priced and perfectly suited for you. 

Ready to explore used yachts for sale?

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