1981 CRN 171

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171 ft

Detailed description and Past refits

Guest Accommodations

Wind of Fortune offers guest accommodation for up to 16 guests in 7 suites comprising a master suite, one VIP cabin and five twin cabins. She is also capable of carrying up to 11 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht charter experience.


Winter Season 2021/2022

New Hull paint completed April 2022

Radio Equipment annual service

All refrigeration systems & A/C ventilation system of 34 Fancoils serviced

Evaporator Annual service

All Inox surfaces on Fresh water Tanks Cleaned and painted

Interior Wood reconditioned

Electrical Systems service

Superstructure painting and touch ups

Crane rebuild and serviced

Re Varnishing of all cap rails

Replacement and upgrade of Galley equipment including exhaust fans

All bilges sanitized and painted 

Naiad Zero Speed serviced and cylinders rebuild

Hydraulic systems Serviced

Bowthrurster serviced

All sun shades cleaned and reconditioned

Replacement of all worn lines

Upgrade and Service of the Electrical Switchboard

Anchor Chain locker repainted

All Piping serviced

In 2019 and 2020 Wind Of Fortune went through a major refit with the most recent ending on May 2020 before she commenced her very busy charter season.

Ownership has reported the following list of the upgrades and repairs performed.


  • Teak project of installation of new teak in all deck areas successfully undertaken.
  • Reconstruction of the closed aft deck area to open deck area and complete renovation of the newly opened area
  • In the now reconstructed open area, the whole floor has been fitted with teak.
  • A bar has been constructed with a fully functioning ice maker, sink and storage spaces
  • A serving area opposite the bar, capable of serving large family and group bouffes
  • Two large round tables have been constructed and fitted on either side of the now open aft deck
  • Marine type waterproof sound system linked with SONOS
  • Complete lighting system fitted on the new aft open area specially ordered from Italy
  • Complete lighting system fitted in the fishing area specially ordered from Italy
  • Complete lighting system fitted in the outer deck areas specially ordered from Italy
  • Complete new set of lights on every mast
  • Complete sound surround system fitted in the aft open area, controlled via Bluetooth in sync with all other areas of the boat.
  • Fishing area layered with teak in a uniform manner together with the rest of the open deck areas.
  • Two new top class inox showers were installed in the now extended fishing area
  • Sun deck reconstruction
  • Bar removed
  • New Jacuzzi installed, complete set (bathtub and machinery)
  • Removal fittings made to allow two tender boats
  • Sitting area made with custom fabrics
  • All floor layered with premium teak
  • Sound system linked with SONOS
  • 3 tender boats all purchased brand new
  • Tender June 2021
  • New Jacuzzi mechanisms electrical / pumping system
  • New awnings in main deck, fishing and sundeck 
  • Pillows and cushions for chairs and couches in all deck areas, tailor-made as matching sets.
  • Full set of new American type fenders
  • Different sizes, rectangular fenders purchased 2019, spherical 2020
  • Leather covered fender hooks
  • Custom covers
  •  Two new jet skis, one sea-doo spark and one Yamaha wave runner purchased 2021models
  • Complete overhauling of the vessels 1.5mt crane
  • Complete Fly-Bridge renovation, all electronic equipment, steering wheel and interior layout re-built from scratch to include top class navigational equipment and top class material in the general piloting area.
  • All Inox metal railings covering the total deck area have been fitted again brand new, made from the highest grade inox metal to ensure maximum resistance to the elements.
  • Addition of a compartment fitted with an inox-mast in the forward end of the boat that serves as storage for ropes used during the mooring/unmooring operations of the boat
  • On top of the compartment that is mentioned above, a mast has been fitted that carries large search lights
  • Complete upgrade of radar equipment, making the vessel compliant with all regulations required for international travel
  • Extensive paint jobs throughout all the super structure areas of the boat
  • Full hull treatment at latest DD
  • New anchors
  • New anchor chains
  • Electrical lifting mechanism of anchors fitted new
  • New inox winches across the vessel
  • New inox rope holes
  • All wooden surfaces fitted and varnished across the deck areas and hand rails



  • Installation of new emergency fire pump
  • Complete overhaul of vessels bow thruster
  • Removal and inspection of tail shafts, renewal of bushes
  • Full service of both blackstone main engines – According to Maker
  • Maintenance of main engines and main engine turbo chargers – According to Maker
  • Full Service of caterpillar main generator engines – According to Maker
  • Installation of new radar (FURUNO) as per latest safety/navigation requirements
  • Installation of new communication equipment (2xVHF, 1xMF/HF, AIS) as per latest safety and navigation requirements
  • Maintenance of deck crane and gangway (mechanical/electrical/hydraulic)
  • Renewal of batteries as and where required
  • Full service and continual maintenance of A/C system
  • Maintenance of fresh water and sea water pumps – Main Engine
  • Installation of new main engine and diesel generator monitoring system (SELMA)
  • Renewal of all portable firefighting equipment as per latest flag safety requirements
  • Renewal of all life rafts with brand new ones to comply with flag requirements and latest safety standards
  • Overhauling of various valves during dry dock
  • Overhauling of various valves and piping inside the engine room
  • Overhauling of exhaust system on hull side during dry dock
  • Applied new insulations on main engines
  • Main engines, machineries and engine room painted in general
  • Anchor windlass overhauled
  • Engine room fuel transfer/booster pumps renewed
  • Installation of new ceiling panels inside engine room and steering gear room
  • Installation insulation on ceiling in the engine room
  • Mooring bitts maintained and new ones fitted where required
  • Cleaning of diesel oil storage tanks, DO service tanks
  • Cleaning of reduction gear lubricant oil filters
  • Renewal of diesel oil/lubricant filters in the main and generator engines
  • Inspection and cleaning of diesel generator FW
  • Inspection and cleaning of starting air bottles
  • Staring air compressors overhauled
  • Overhauling of auxiliary fire pumps
  • Renewal and re-arrangement of engine room lighting
  • Installation of 3 new lub oil pumps including control panels and cabling
  • Internal cleaning of transformers and electrical control panels
  • Megger testing of all engine room motor
  • Cleaning of no.1, no.2, no.3 dg alternators
  • New emergency lighting in steering gear room, bridge, saloon
  • Installation of back/hidden lighting at various location on aft deck and inside the guest areas (ladders, roofs, under the beds, LED lighting used)
  • Renewal of all lighting fixtures at the vessel’s open spaces
  • Renewal of all lighting switches in all guest areas
  • Renewal of all lighting fixtures in crew spaces (corridors, cabins, WC’s)
  • Installation of new mast. New anchoring/mooring LED projectors fitted
  • Installation of brand new LED projectors on ships main mast
  • Installation of internet cabling and relevant with equipment at all open and internal guest areas
  • Installation of SA TV antenna
  • New RADAR fitted
  • Renewal and re-arrangement of various lighting fixtures inside the guest spaces (LED lights)
  • Renewal of all lighting fixtures at the vessel’s open spaces
  • Full repair and service of hydraulics of Passarella with removable inox rails brand new and teak flooring. Open/Close mechanism was not workable
  • Purchase of reverse osmosis system, model Blue Marine 400
  • Thorough check of the plumbing system across the boat, hot & cold water, full repair and cleaning of the all pipes and renewal of damaged ones.
  • UTM clean report booklet dated 18/05/21 – Report No. : TM 21/13961
  • Chipping works
  • All tanks, including water, fuel, structure compartments
  • Painted and fully cleaned
  • Metal sheets added where needed
  • Emergency steering gear renovated
  • Extensive hull strengthening through the addition of metal plates
  • Stabilizers have been extensively maintained
  • Electrical system as well
  • Complete overhauling of condensers and compressors as and where required of the cooling
  • FW network pumps replaced



*Special attention has been paid to the fabrics used across the interior of the vessel with most being selected by from the Ralph Lauren catalogue

*Most of the lightings in the Interior have been handpicked from Harrods London (A few pieces in the salon, dining, master WC)

*Custom made paintings have been ordered to decorate the interior of the vessel.

*Inventory of hotel equipment i.e. cutlery sets and serving plates etc. all custom made and brand new

*Kitchen inventory all brand new equipment

  • Total refinish of all wooden surfaces
  • Complete re-arrangement of living room area and a complete esthetical make over to give the present unique classic look.
  • New couches living room area
  • Large fish tank in the living room removed, now a 70” TV has been installed in its place and woodwork behind and surrounding the TV as well as the compartment directly below it
  • Salon table in the sitting area brand new imported from Italy
  • Salon table directly to the left as you enter, also brand new custom made in Greece
  • Construction of new bar area in the middle of the living room where the old “Thick TV” used to be.
  • New chairs and table set for the living room specially ordered from Italy
  • New custom made sofas in all sitting areas
  • Living room
  • Cabins
  • Bridge
  • Installation of new carpet in all areas
  • New curtains in all areas
  • Living room
  • Dining area
  • Cabins
  • Bridge
  • Installation of new ceilings in all areas
  • Living room
  • Dining area
  • Cabins
  • Bridge
  • Total renovation of all bathrooms
  • Corian walls, sinks & shower interiors
  • Shower glass doors
  • New Faucets
  • Shower heads
  • New lavatories
  • Bidet
  • Wooden toilet seats
  • Flushing system all brand new in each cabin
  • Wooden floor inside the shower, custom made Greece
  • Wooden base on top of the sink for placement of glass soap containers made to fit the size of the new container
  • Hair dryers and hair straighteners brand new
  • New light switches, golden/silver surround of switch brand new
  • Marble sinks
  • Lighting



  • Cabin areas hotel:Mattresses
  • Pillows
  • Bedsheets
  • Carpet
  • New mirrors
  • Bedding set ( bed sheets, duvet, pillow covers etc. ) custom made to match each cabins color theme
  • New drawers and hooks
  • All wooden walls, new premium wood and varnish
  • Wooden floors and varnish


  •  Laundry room:Renovation of wood works
  • Two new washing machines
  • Two new dryers
  • New iron and ironing table
  •  Boat room:Full chipping and paint job all around
  • Complete service of hydraulic system, manifold could was not workable as when bought
  •  Bridge:Window wipers
  • Steering wheel custom new
  • All woodwork custom made, floor and side walls
  • Flag holder with positioning for each naval flag in a cylindrical fashion in the woodwork, custom made very classical marine type look.
  • Naval decoration various instruments
  • Drawers opposite the couch new, as well as wood work behind
  • Office equipment, PC, printer, scan
  • Total reconstruction of the bridge (faux leather for all sofas and chair, new ceiling and floor)
  •  Sky lounge:New inox flagpole outside
  • New ceiling
  • Reconstruction of office
  • New chair as well as racing chair gear brand new
  • Wall tapestry of World Map new
  • New couches
  • 3M glass surround for heat deflection and clarity of view of the TV in the sitting area during the day
  • Complete set of children’s games as well as board games, puzzles teddy bears etc.
  • Removal of internal staircase to the sky lounge from port side
  •  AFT DeckRemoval of bar and A/C system where now lie the two bars
  • Side couches on the two far sides with compartments underneath
  • Two serving tables made from teak and inox metal placed on either side for each sitting area
  • Ceiling and marine lights, brand new
  • Marine type sound system complete installation
  • Removable awning that covers all of the aft deck
  • Wood work on the adjacent part directly on top of the hand rail
  • Bar constructed from premium teak, includes ice maker, frdge, sink and various compartments as well as a sitting arrangement all around
  • New buffet also made from premium teak opposite of the bar area, capable of serving large family sized breakfast, lunch and dinners!
  •  All mirrors are brand new, in cabin areas made of high grade crystal
  • Custom made chairs tailored some hand crafted others imported from Italy
  • Ralph Lauren fabrics for the walls in all twin cabins
  • Ralph Lauren decorative head light in the living room
  • All beds have been reconstructed from scratch
  • New mattresses in all cabins
  • Large paintings in the dining area unique and custom made
  • Replica boat display models hand made to perfection put in glass window to decorate the dining area
  • Riva tender boat custom made order display
  • New high quality marble on the buffet
  • Kitchen has been fully renovated as per the below
  • Corian working surfaces
  • New fridges and deep freezers
  • New ovens
  • New Dishwasher
  • All cooking equipment brand new at the a chefs consultation
  • All crew mess and crew cabins complete reconstruction
  • Including Captain, officer and chief engineer on the upper deck area
  • Bedding construction, showers, side walls, lighting etc.
  • New cushions in crew sitting area
  • New TV’s in living room, master cabin, fly bridge, kitchen
  • Installation of new sound system SONOS for all areas in order to provide separate music areas (living room, dining room, each cabin, main deck, fly bridge, sundeck) + 2TB server
  • Playroom built from scratch (Lounge Area)
  • Includes a PS5
  • Large TV
  • Board games
  • Gaming PC
  • Large couches
  • Panoramic View from middle to aft area
  • Gym area build brand new
  • Complete weight set
  • Dumbbell set
  • Elliptic bicycle
  • Bench
  • Kettle bell
  • Medicine ball
  • New sink and new toilet
  • New mirrors and hand rail
  • New rubber floor
  • Ceiling lighting new
  •  Dining area sides lined with marble:Cupboard open close mechanism underneath the marble surface
  • Woodwork inside the cupboard from scratch custom
  • Open/close mechanism of each row in the cupboard
  • Each row custom made in accordance to the bowls, plates glasses that are fitted
  •  Living Room area:New Bar reconstructed where the old TV was
  • All the woodwork in the living room area made from scratch
  • Bar surface lined with the best marble
  • Fitted with special lighting arrangement in the bar area to emphasize and bring out the essence of the marble
  • Fridge and compartments underneath the bar
  • Behind the bar wooden decoration made out of wooden oars, varnished and painted custom
  • New carpet
  • New couch
  • New 70” TV
  • Lighting and general electrical worksVessel fitted with LED tape across the board, to produce lighting in a the most subtle way
  • Switches and cabling all-round fitted and maintained
  • Hand rails in all staircases used to be glass, all removed and made with wood
  • Wall covering next to the stair case that leads to the cabins used to be glass has been replaced with wood






The company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change or withdrawal without notice.

Mechanical Disclaimer

Engine and generator hours are as of the date of the original listing and are a representation of what the listing broker is told by the owner and/or actual reading of the engine hour meters. The broker cannot guarantee the true hours. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or his agent to verify engine hours, warranties implied or otherwise and major overhauls as well as all other representations noted on the listing brochure.

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